Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Big Loop: Florida to California and back: June 2018

I have a little time “between jobs” so I planned a little unplanned ride. A bunch of my motorcycle enthusiast friends—mostly recently retired guys with time on their hands— inspired me to get my bike out on the road. So I threw a leg over my big Triumph yesterday morning and left Tampa Bay for a 5k + mile ride to CA and back.

I haven’t really planned the route out yet, but I plan to see some friends and family along the way.

I’ll decide on a fun route back when I get to Cali. Likely going to return via the I-40.

I’m not planning to Iron Butt it (1k+ miles a day) but you never know.

So far I’ve done a couple 600+ mile days. I ended yesterday’s ride in Gautier, Mississippi after a good 100 mile soaking, starting in Pensacola, Florida and all the way through Alabama. I finelly threw in the towel when my phone was found floating in a waterproof jacket pocket...DOA. I replaced that at a local store for a cost more than my first 3 motorcycles...combined!

I left Mississippi early and went right through Louisiana. I missed Houston traffic but caught the late San Antonio traffic. The weather wasn’t bad at all. A little warm at times but tolerable. Stopped in Kerrville, Texas for the night.

I was so wet from the Florida to Mississippi soaking that my jacket didn’t dry until Houston and my gloves finally dried out in San Antone! Good times.

I had a little scare when my rear tire got squirrelly at about 60 MPH in a lightning storm. Pucker factor 10!

I’m hoping to make New Mexico or Arizona tomorrow and I’ll roll into San Diego sometime on Friday.