Monday, May 30, 2011


I bought a Seat Concepts saddle for my GS. They're a company out of Hemet, CA. By May 25th, I'd only put about 1000 miles on it since I installed it in April, but I really liked it.

I've had Corbin seats on previous bikes (great!), and I've had custom seats made for me from stock pans.

REVIEW: I wanted a different saddle for my 2004 BMW R1150GS. The stock seat was fine for 200-300 miles, but then Monkey Butt set in.

I reseached available options -- Russell Day Long, Corbin, Sergeant and local custom shops. I saw that Seat Concepts was right up the road from me and the price was right. I spoke with Bundy who set me up with a new seat built around my stock seat.

It looks great (see photos) and feels even better. It's a neat design (the close-up photo may show the dots). It's wider in the rear and appears to set the rider back a few inches, which is nice. It seemed too plush to the touch, but is actually quite firm when sitting on it; very similar to a Corbin. Bundy states that it's a super secret memory foam (or not) and is different from what other seat manufacturers are using. That may well be, I just know that it looks great and feels good after a 300+ mile day.

Did a couple of "around towners" to test it out and it felt great. The true test was a whopper of a ride all over SD county, to include some off pavement stuff (yes, I dropped the pig).

I'm liking it so far (3 weeks in) and would recommend the Seat Concepts saddle for the GS.

Does that look comfortable or what?

UPDATE: I just returned from a 2,300-mile ride to Washington and had a great opportunity to test the seat on some long distance rides (a few 500-mile days and a 960-mile day). Holy cow! Anyhow, the seat could be more comfortable. It started feeling like a wood plank after about 100 miles.

I'm asking the fine folks at Seat Concepts to add something to make this saddle more comfortable. We'll see...

I love the seat, but would like to use it all the time, not just on local rides.

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