Friday, March 30, 2012

On-Going San Diego Hijinks - Back Country Adventure Group Rides

Well, it looks like the San Diego dual sport guys are doing it again. We had such a great time on our last backcountry adventure (see previous post) that we are heading out for two more days of desert riding. And the usual hijinks that normally accompany men free from the constraints of chores and responsibilties and AA meetings are sure to entail.

For example, they somehow managed to name the first affair after me. (The Danscape Unlimited Inaugural Ride.) Moi? But what did I do to deserve that? Hmmm. I really do look forward to seeing these guys again. They're a lot of fun and the riding is fantastic. Photos and ride reports to follow!

So, buy the T-shirt, see the movie, read the book. Here ya go...

We had an incredible time kicking off the First-Annual No-Name Ride (aka Danscape Unlimited Inaugural Ride). This thread will serve as the on-going ride planning thread (hopefully) for years to come.

The last ride (2/11/2012) starts right

Feel free to post up suggestions for additional routes.

Check out the brand new Southern California dual-sport riding resource:

I will keep the ride info up-to-date on ADVRider, but SoCalDualSport is making easy work of keeping track of all you FFs!

No registration is required and it's a breeze to register for the ride.


Ride Details: (Charlie and Ewan haters: don't worry, this won't make the shirts or stickers)

Dates: May 5 and 6, 2012 (Contingency Dates are May 12 and 13).

Meet at Packard's Coffee Shop at 9:00 AM
680 Main Street Ramona, CA

Day 1
Start in Ramona
Ride Pine Hills to Boulder Creek
Wander back to Butterfield
Stay at Butterfield Ranch again...hopefully SPAFXER will be there to do his thing to the spa
Maybe we'll follow Caleb's lead and explore Blair Valley sans luggage after camp is set up

Day 2
Butterfield to Grapevine
Jasper to Old Montezuma Rd.
79 to Palomar Divide
Pound pavement to Anza, then head north into the forest.
End in Idyllwild

"IN" List:
1. bdarling - R1100GS
2. Afry - KLR 650
3. BMWKTM - F800GS
4. Forumless Craig - Tiger 800 XC
5. nomad5326 - F650GS Dakar
7. Uncle Champ
9. 3-Name Jeremy - XR650L
10. Jared - R1200GS
11. Shunka - 950 ADV
12. Strega (Roger) - 620 ADV
13. snglfin
14. nomilk4u - WR426
15. roundtripping - F650GS Twin
16. browneye - TE 630
17. YetiGS - R1100GS
18. Dan Diego - R1150GS
19. StupidKid - VStrom 1000
20. SoCalPhil - XR650L
21. Lonestar2112 - R1200GS
22. HuckFinn - F800GS
23. CA Stu - KLR650
24. Renner - R100ST
25. OBSteve
26. Fun_Crusher - KLR650
27. dirtdadx - F650GS Twin
28. Jim Motorad - R1150GS
29. farrington300 - KLR650
30. Haywood - XR650L
31. tvscum

San Diego Back Country Adventure, Round 2 - May 5-6, 2012:

9 Big Bike-Friendly Days in Southern Utah - May 26-June 2, 2012:

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