Friday, October 26, 2012

Motorcycles made from naked ladies. Wow!

Does anyone else find this pretty cool?

Check out the bodywork on these motorcycles made from naked ladies.

There's personal conveyance, then there's intimately personal conveyance. Sure to get bike-lovers' pistons pumping, these brave works of art have been molded by the hands of artist Trina Merry, of San Francisco.

What the subjects lack in clothing, they make up for in flexibility. Hypoallergenic paint is used in a process that can take 18 hours, the models alternating between posing and being painted.

The conceptual pieces will tour the country with the Progressive International Motorbike Show.

Anyone care for a ride?

Human motorcycles: Hottest thing on two (nude) wheels

They won't take you very far, but these bikes will look better than any Harley parked in your driveway. Led by body-painter Trina Merry, a team of air brushers (and, yes, two massage therapists) turned a group of models into three human motorcycles for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show tour.

Actually, they weren't model models: They were mostly dancers, yoga instructors and circus performers capable of contorting themselves into the shape of wheels, frames and saddles for shoots that lasted up to 18 hours.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed, they're naked. Vroom.

Fast facts about the shoot:

• The models at the shoot were dancers, yoga instructors, aerialists and circus performers
• Number of hours each bike shot took from beginning to end:
◦ Harley: 15 hours
◦ Ducati: 18 hours
◦ KTM: 13.5 hours
• Number of air brushers on set: 8
• Number of massage therapists on set: 2
• Maximum amount of time a motorcycle pose was held: 2 minutes
• Minimum: less than 10 seconds
• Hours of behind-the-scenes video footage: 30

After the jump, watch the behind the scenes video on the making of “Human Motorcycles”


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