Monday, April 6, 2015

Back in the (KLR) saddle!

I missed my KLR and I sure missed the KLR community. Maybe too much, it seems.

As many of you might know, last summer I sold my 2011 orange beauty and bought the "other" orange bike.

Fast forward to yesterday: I ended up buying a 2008 KLR 650 that had been mistreated. The previous owner just didn't maintain it. It has a little over 50k miles on the odometer and has some cool accessories, and it's had some mods done (Doohickey, 22 cent mod).

Per the previous owner: The bike burned oil -- as 2008's are prone to do -- and in 2012, it finally died on the side of the road. Not having the money to repair it, he parked it outside with no cover. Along with sun damage, someone drilled out the ignition in an attempt to steal it.

So I got it home today and started looking through it. Haven't opened up the sides yet, but the oil filter is covered with very fine metal particles. Haven't drained the oil, but I'd guess there are bigger pieces. He also stated it was popping out of gear before it died. I'm guessing the head/cams/bearing are toast. I'll get into it soon and see what's up.

So, I have a project on my hands, but I like that kind of stuff. Plus, KLR people are good people. And I live right down the road from Eagle Mike.

Having said that, it really doesn't look too bad at all. And it may be fun putting it back in shape.

Great to be back in the KLR saddle.


  1. Oooh a project. Hope you are mechanically inclined.

    I have thought about experimenting with other bikes (a bit more on the adventure side) but I can't part with my Gladius. I am afraid I'd miss it and wouldn't be able to replace it. For now I shall use my TW200 as my baby adventure bike.

    At least you have found another KLR.

    1. That TW200 is a cool little bike. I came "that" close to buying one for my wife a year ago. A guy had it sitting in his garage and I though, hmmmm....

      I don't have a lot of hobbies--and I'm not terribly mechanically inclined--but I do love tinkering with stuff. If I get stuck, I'll call in the Calvary (my mechanically inclined friends).

  2. My '07 KLR will always be "the one that got away." Good on you for rescuing this one.

    1. Shhhhhhhh.... Don't tell the little lady, but I'm thinking about keeping it.