Sunday, November 8, 2015

French/Italian Adventure Riders Patagonia-bound

So, I met the nicest French/Italian couple in La Mesa tonight. Massimo and Sophie are world travelers en route to Patagonia on a BMW F650GS. I'm envious of their adventure and, over beers @ a local pub (The Hills), provided some basics on crossing into Mexico. They're planning on 6 months but hope it extends to a year. Yup, must be nice...

As part of their Americas Adventure, they've traveled from New York to San Diego. They plan to cross into Mexico via Tijuana on Tuesday morning after some minor repairs at BMW San Diego (center stand bolts). I'll be joining them for the initial leg of their journey.

If you're interested in following them, here's their blogsite:

And here's a summary of their ride plan.

We quit our Job, destination America!


Hi guys,

my name is Sophie, I'm french. My boyfriend, Massimo, is Italian.

About a month ago we decided to do a lifetime adventure trip. We both quit our job and packed the bike. She is a little GS 650. She does not measure with all the Harley we meet here on the road. She probably feel even smaller here than she really is but she does the job!

We left Italy, went through France and the UK. We airfreighted the bike to New York from London. Got her there and our Cost to Cost trip had started!

Right now we're in Las Vegas. So many highlights in the trip so far but would not know where to start. Your country is MASSIVElol All the people we met so far have been amazing. So friendly.

We're mainly using airbnb to sleep at places. Our itinerary is done on a daily basis as per recommendations of people we meet. Awesome.

We aim to cross the death valley tomorrow.

Busy looking for an accommodation after that. Does not look so easy this timewe will see.

I'm writing to you right now from the Harley Davidson bar in Vegas. Just perfect lol

Anyway, just wanted to share that with the forum. I'm new to that.

We plan to go to San Francisco, then go down, cross Mexico (not sure where yet?), then reach south America. Final aim is Patagonia let's see how far we go.

We're enjoying every moment of the journey. And thank you for being such a friendly country


If any of you are around would be a pleasure to meet you for a (or wine?).

If any of you have any advises on the crossing of the border at Mexico would be greatly appreciated as well.


  1. Dan: You are a good citizen of the world and an excellent ambassador for the United States. Good on ya for helping these folks out.


  2. Dan you're the best. It's so amazing to meet such good and positive person. If I had concerns before, after meeting with you we just could not wait to get to Mexico. You're def a great US ambassador but an amazing mexican one!
    THANK YOU again so much for everything.
    One of those great encounter..

  3. How very cool. Thanks for the links. You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle (not just Hondas) :-)

  4. I see that Sophie made it to Nicaragua. Classic beach pose!