Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Consumer Reports Weighs in on Motorcycle Reliability

Don't shoot the messenger!

Most reliable motorcycles: Japanese bikes have fewer problems than BMW and Harley models (according to Consumer Reports magazine, May 2013)

Yes, the artfully sculpted lines of a BMW motorcycle and the throaty rumble of a Harley V-twin motor can stir your senses. But they’re often accompanied by more problems than Japanese motorcycles from Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. Those are the findings from our first motorcycle reliability survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, in which we asked subscribers to tell us about any serious problems or repairs they had experienced with their bikes in the previous four years.

And here is the Consumer Reports Motorcycle & scooter buying guide (May 2013):

Along with reliability reports on specific brands and models, there are some excellent pieces of information about New or Returning Riders and motorcycle safety and mainteneance (see the classic T-CLOCS checklist).

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  1. My Suzuki is more reliable than hubby's Triumph - just sayin'..........