Monday, July 31, 2017

Doing the Baja Bounce: Fish tacos, vino and motorbikes

What a great day in Baja! The plan was to introduce one of my friends to his first Mexico Experience. Chance is a young Navy guy who likes motorcycles and who'd never been south of the border. My buddy, Chris, the badass wheelie king, invited some other good peeps: Ted, Ian, Eric and his girl.

So we had my big fat Triumph Rocket III, Ted's Triumph Scrambler, Chris' Husky 701, Chance and his girl Emily were on a Harley Street Glide, and Eric and his gal were on a KTM 1190.

We crossed at Tijuana, rode from down the coastal toll road stopping at the overlook, then we enjoyed fish tacos at my fave place in Ensenada (Tacos Floresta), headed up Highway 3 toward Tecate where we found Vena Cava, a cool little winery "off the beaten path." (That means 2 miles of dirt road on my 800 lb pig.)

It was a great little set up. We did a 5-glass wine tasting then a tasty IPA and some tacitos outside.

We managed to get separated on the highway but crossed the border at Tecate an hour later (translation: Border wait in a car= 2 hours, on a motorcycle= 4 minutes). Easy-peasy.

The day started a little cool with a nice ocean breeze but got hotter as the day went on--probably in the 90's as we crossed back into the US.

A nice ride and a great time was had by all.


  1. Dayum--a Rocket III, huh? How long have you had that? For years I've been fascinated with that bike...

    1. I bought it new in 2009 and am right at 50k miles. Definitely an interesting bike.

  2. What? No pics of you doing 2 miles of gravel on the Rocket III? Hubby has always coveted a Rocket III as well, but insurance costs have him spooked.

    Looks like you guys had a great time.

    1. Ha ha. Yeah, I have video of me riding on that road. But the better video would've been me cringing after the bumps and sand.

      Poor Triumph...