Saturday, February 16, 2013

When farkling goes wrong: How costs add up...

Here's a post on how quickly farkles can add up.

Here's how it starts:

  • Why, that shiny. sparkly thing is only $39--gotta have that.
  • Ooh, a set of whatchamabobs for only $86 -- I gotsta me some of those.
  • A 24th anniversary KLR/KLX Arizona meet-up patch for only $11.95 plus shipping. How can I pass that up?

(Fast forward a week.)

The wife approaches me--while I'm in the garage, farkling, no less--with checkbook in hand and "that" look in her eye. Cardboard boxes surround me as several packages, still unopened, bear witness against me.

She: I couldn't help but notice that $463 was sent to "Tim, Tom and Tina" last week.

Me: Uh, that prolly wasn't me. I only bought a couple of things that "we" need.

She: C'mon, you;re on a first-name basis with the FedEx guy.  
You just hit the platinum level with the UPS miles program. You've spent more on  accessories than you did for the actual motorcycle.  You have a sickness; I'm getting you some help.

Me: No. I can quit. I'm almost done. Give me another chance!

She: No, we need an intervention.

Me: Will Eagle Mike be there? That would be cool!

She: @&%@@#$#!@$@#!!! (Or words to that effect.)

And that's how it goes.

Here's Eagle Mike's site for you KLR folks: Eagle Mike


  1. If you have to explain it to her, she'll never understand...

  2. Do you need to write a book? "You know you're a farkle addict when......"

  3. Any book or article on adding accessories to a motorcycle will include the "farkle high."

    How to recognize the symptoms and a prognosis for treatment.