Friday, September 28, 2012

Playing Hooky from Work to Ride (Your Stories)

I just read an interesting post about playing hooky from work to ride.

Yup, I've done it; I'm certain many of us have.

I plan to post a story of a most excellent ride while skipping out of the old 9 to 5. Until then, I'd be interested in hearing about YOUR experiences.

Have you done it? Was it a great ride?

Here's the original post (great job, Je suis Trobairitz):

Playing Hooky From Work Ride.

Okay, it was pointed out to me by Troubadour that it isn't really playing hooky from work if your boss 'likes' your Facebook status in which you announce you are playing hooky from work to go for a motorcycle ride.

My boss was scheduled to have some minor neck surgery yesterday and he will not be back in the office until next Wednesday so I get to set my own hours for the next week.