Tuesday, September 13, 2022

10th Annual Arizona KLR Ride: Paulden, AZ

Just returned from attending the 10th Annual KLR ride that my friend Jon hosts near his place in Paulden, Arizona.  

This was the 7th ride I’ve attended.  

We usually stay at the Gunsite campground but we stayed at the Raven’s Roost Bunkhouse this time…and most everyone agreed it was a better location.  

There was a pretty good turnout, maybe 25 people in all.  There were three routes this year, led by Jon and two other local riders, Darrell and Charles. 

I arrived a day early and rode to Bagbad for burgers with a few friends. Pavement in, dirt out.  That’s  always a great ride.  

On Saturday, we had a scare as my buddy Doug had a front tire go flat at about 70 MPH.  He was able to save it with minor injuries and almost no damage to his bike.  On a related note, he won his year’s rider’s trophy!

Jon’s wife provided cornbread and chili on Friday night and a huge BBQ dinner on Saturday night.  

As usual, stories were told around the campfire and everyone went home happy.  

Some of the folks in attendance : Senior, Jeff, Craig (original attendees), Chuck B., Dennis, Sal, Charlie, Ray Ray, Darrell, Garrett, Guy, Charles, Brad (Drunk Uncle), Brian, and the entire Kitchin Clan. Eagle Mike didn’t attend but sent out a goodie bag, to include the elusive 10mm socket for each rider!

More photos and lies….er, “stories”…to follow.