Saturday, August 8, 2020

East Tampa Dual Sport Ride: August 2020

So, I did a quick little ride on my KLR today to find some ranch roads out East of Tampa.  Just a 90-mile loop to explore some stuff I found on Google Earth.  

Ran into some good dirt roads, some sand and some mud  Even a bridge-out road.   All good.  

When I got home, I dropped the pig on its side, likely forgetting the kickstand.  The bike wouldn’t  start after that so I tore into the wiring to see what I’d done and sure enough, I’d broken a ground wire.  Repaired and buttoned up quickly.

Then a very messy oil change.  Just rushing it, I guess.  

Then, to run the oil through it and the gas out of the carb, I took it out back and hit a small jump.  Since I’d left the top bag open I had tools, snacks and tubes all over the lawn.  Good times.  

Here’s the ride video link: Tampa DS Relive Ride