Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And we're off...Destination: Arctic Circle and Beyond.

Oooooh, eeeeee! What a ride. I've returned from 24 days in Canada and Alaska. Here is the ADV RR link:

You've been warned.

Inuvik. It's pronounced I-New-Vick. I think...

As mentioned over the past few years and in at least three previous posts, I am heading into the Great White North this weekend. That part of the world continues to call to me like a mentally unstable lover...

My friend Dan and I will be departing Sunday, June 29, for the town of Inuvik, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. I’ll also try to squeeze in a visit to Alaska’s Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay (just an extra 2,500 miles). We aren’t retired, we aren’t riding for a cause, we aren’t attempting to commit any acts of badassery...we just want to ride to the northernmost possible point, meet some nice people, drink some interesting beverages and return with some cool stories -- virtually unscarred .

We have every intention of riding our big motorbikes from San Diego all the way north and crossing back into the US near Blaine, WA, in late July. I will be riding a KTM 990 Adventure; Dan will be on his BMW R1200GS. We plan to camp most of the time and stay in hotels when we can’t stand our own musk. We’ve mutually agreed not to be eaten by Grizzlies if at all possible. The bear spray we bought at REI has a “no maul” money-back guarantee, so that’s good.

We have a very flexible agenda. There are many things we’d like to see in 30+ days, but we’re playing it by ear. It’s 3,800 miles each way, with lots of side roads in between, and we expect to ride over 10K miles. Neither of us has a particularly remarkable attention span so the possibilities are endless. Dan’s bringing along a fairly nice SLR camera, and we both have small video cameras, so we'll do our best to document the experience.

Here are two GPS map trackers so friends and family can follow our progress:

Where Am I Riding Map (Works in Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and IE9):

SPOT Adventures Map:

I will try to provide updates on this blogsite as I travel along, but I'm unsure how that'll go...

Share in the adventure as we go a couple of degrees north of the Arctic Circle in search of...well, we haven't really identified a purpose yet. It's likely just a midlife crisis. But come along, anyhow!

Your humble sojourner.


Notes about the people we met and interacted with in Canada and Alaska: Inuit Or Eskimo?

Many believe the word “Eskimo” is an unacceptable word to describe Inuit people, and in Canada and Greenland that is broadly correct. In Alaska, “Eskimo” is preferred, because it is inclusive of both the Inuit and Yupik peoples.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Annual Ride to Work Day: Monday, June 16.

Remember, Annual Ride to Work Day is TODAY (Monday, June 16).

So, who rode into work?

(Yes, yes, I know...some of you ride to work EVERY day.)

Be safe out there.

Dana Neisler Memorial Ride: Baja (June 14-15, 2014)

Dana Neisler was a Baja guru with whom I rode last year; you might've read a Tecate to Mikes Sky Rancho ride report I posted. He was a great guy with an electric smile, a zest for life and an extensive knowledge of Baja riding.

He unfortunately passed away in a tragic accident near Laguna Hanson on January 25, 2014.

This weekend, I participated in a Memorial Ride in his honor. Here is the ride description and some photos:

The GPS location of the memorial site is N31"58.361" W115"58.443

I counted 35 bikes and a total of 50 people. After meeting at the memorial site, many riders met for tacos and beer at the Old Sawmill (Ramona's). Some headed back to the border, others went to Mike's Sky Rancho.

I headed down to Valle de la Trinidad, across an obscure road to San Vicente (La Calentura) and on to the small town of Erendira where I stayed the night.

I then headed north to the border on Sunday. All in all, I rode over 350 miles in Baja; 165 miles of that was off-road.

An excellent way to pay tribute to a great guy. You're missed, my brother.

Here's info:

The Dana Neisler Memorial Ride (a one to two day ride) is scheduled for June 14 and 15, 2014, leaving Tecate Saturday morning to Laguna Hanson then continue to Mikes Sky Rancho and return Sunday afternoon.

The overall plan is meet and ride to Dana's Memorial site about three miles past the Saw Mill by 11:30 to meet up with Dana's family in the trucks. We'll then head back to the Saw Mill for lunch and gas.

Bikes meet at the Tecate, California, border gas station on June 14, 2014 at 8:00 leave at 8:30 AM.

1. Technical group: Ken Kugel will lead bit more technical track to Laguna Hanson; the route will be determined depending on the skill set of the participating riders, then will continue to Mikes (after lunch. This group will stop at the Kurt Caselli Memorial on the way.

2. Slower big bikes/noobs: Arnie will lead a slower big bike group through La Rumorosa to Laguna Hanson on the way down then back through the Compadre Trail on the way back. Depending on the skills and bikes, Arnie will try and stop at the KC memorial before Mikes.

3. Trucks and cars leave out of TJ: Meet at San Ysidro Insurance Office on June 14, 2014, and leave at 7:30AM. The address is 4575 Camino De La PlazaSan Ysidro, CA 92173.

The trucks will head to Ensenada and head to Laguna Hanson off the S3. Dana's dad will lead the trucks; cars can make the trip to Dana's Memorial site without any problems. If you would like to continue to Mike's, a higher clearance vehicle is recommended.

Please share the event on Facebook at: