Friday, October 23, 2015

Baja Lite: KLRistas South! (November 21-23)

As some of you might know, I've done a few "Intro to Baja" rides in the past 4 years. Scroll through my blog for previous posts highlighting the shenanigans of past rides. By popular demand, I'm leading another ride in November. It'll be almost all KLR riders and will be 3 days of fun, relaxing Baja riding. So far I have 4 confirmed and 4 possible riders joining the group. This should be interesting.

So here's the rough route plan for the planned 3-day Baja ride:

(Note: We will not be mixing with Baja 1000 traffic. It's the last day of that race and we won't be near the racers.)

We'll meet early on Saturday in the San Diego area, likely La Mesa. After a ride briefing, we should be on our way by 10 or so. No rush.

We'll head south from the Tecate border crossing to Ensenada. (We may see some Baja 1000 celebrations there.). We'll continue south through Maneadero to Santo Tomas, fueling up somewhere along the way.

From Santo Tomas we have two route options to the coast: easy or moderate; and I'll decide which one to take at that time.

We'll ride over to the Punto San Jose lighthouse, then south along the coast to Coyote Cal's for a quick break. We'll eat dinner at Cal's or a little seafood place nearby then head down the coast about 5 miles where we will camp on the beach.

The next day we'll eat breakfast in Erendira then head south on Highway 1 to San Vicente. From there we'll take a dirt road across country to Valle de la Trinidad. We can eat there and fuel up before heading east on Hwy 3, then south on Hwy 5 to San Felipe. We'll find somewhere to beach camp and enjoy a nice afternoon there.

The next day, Monday, is just a ride back to Ensenada where we will grab some fish tacos and fuel up. From there it's an easy ride north to Tijuana on the very scenic toll road and a fairly easy -- but "interesting" -- border crossing. We should be back in the USA by early afternoon.

That's a rough idea of my plan.

Questions or comments?