Sunday, March 27, 2016

Round trip Easter ride with my wife

Had to run some errands on Easter. Meet some friends in Del Mar and head back to San Diego. My beautiful wife suggested we take the motorcycle so she could try out her new jacket.

And I must admit she looked super cute in her jacket and boots.

So we hopped on the big Triumph and rode up the I-5 to Villa de la Valle in Del Mar. After meeting up with Michael Steele on his KTM 950 Adventure and Dan P. on his BMW R1200RT, we decided to take the scenic route back via Del Dios Highway. Dan led the way. Midway back Dan shouted to me, "Have you ever been to the Hernandez Hideaway?" I yelled back that I had not. He throttled ahead.

We pulled into a little restaurant/bar tucked off the main road. I could tell right away it was quite a place...a cool vibe. We were welcomed not only by the restaurant staff but by the fellow diners. We chatted about the wonderful weather and the beautiful countryside. Wow. Everyone was smiling and sipping margaritas.

After some chips and guacamole from local avocados, we hopped back on the bikes and headed to the I-15. Traffic was light and the temperature was 70 near the coast and a bit warmer as we rode inland.

What a fine day for a motorcycle ride...