Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My new KLR: Eagle Mike Special Edition KLR 685 (Gen 1)

Well, I'm back in the saddle again...the KLR saddle! Just bought a Super sweet Gen 1 with lots of history and even more goodies. This Bike was custom made for a very cool local San Diego guy named Tommy Gomes. If you know Tommy (BlueFin2na), you know he's a super cool guy. He now rides a custom KLR with a 705 kit.

The bottom line is, this bike is fully custom built from the frame up, fully built motor and is one sweet ride. I call it the Eagle Mike Special Edition. Here it is:

685 kit installed by EM
Carey Aspy Stage 2 Big Valve head (stainless valves, slightly oversized and ported for good flow)
EM custom built and powder coated front forks
Upgrade suspension
Custom Big Gun Exhaust
19" front wheel (Excel)
Super sized front brake disk (320 mm kit)
Stainless steel brake lines
Heated grips
EM front fork brace
EM Shark Fins on everything
6.6 gallon desert tank
Modulating front headlight
LED rear brake system
GIVI rear rack
Anit-Vibration mirror system
Seargent seat
EM choke system.
Assorted switches and other EM mods
And likely some other stuff I've forgotten.

The year is....get ready: 2001 frame, 2006 top end, 2004 lower end. All personally re-built 100% by Eagle Mike and his crew.

This bike has so many great things going for it, I'm a fortunate guy to get it.

I hope to be on this bike and out on the trails very soon.