Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A quick Baja day ride (Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana loop)

Update and photos: We met in Spring Valley @ 7:30 am and enjoyed a nice ride to Tecate on Hwy 94. We breezed through Mexican customs & immigration and made good time to Ensenada as there wasn't much traffic. There was a short stretch of dirt road where they were fixing Hwy 3 but that's all the construction we hit.

Ted and I stopped at Tacos Floresta at the corner of Juarez and each had a couple fish tacos and a Coke.

We then saddled up and took the Hwy 1 toll road back to Tijuana. There was such a dense marine layer along the coast that it felt like it was raining. It was foggy and wet for about 5 miles.

We hit the first two toll booths (about 75 cents each) but there were protesters at the final toll booth so we rode right through without having to pay. Cha-Ching! That's 10 pesos saved!

I know a trick to crossing back into the US by motorcycle and it was a total of 6 minutes. Easy peasy!

We were both on the US side by noon and headed home via separate routes.

It was overcast most of the day, but the sun came out as I arrived home.

That was a great day of riding.


My good friend Ted has been jonesing for a ride lately. We met for lunch in Little Italy recently to catch up on life and plan our next ride.

"Where do you want to ride, Ted?"
"Oh, I don't care. Anywhere. I just want to get out on the road."
"OK, a day ride, overnighter, multi-day ride?"
"Sure...that sounds good!"

So I put together a quick Baja loop...something he hadn't done. We'll leave early on Saturday and be back in the USA by 2pm or so.

The rough agenda is mainly:

Ride the Old 94 out to Tecate, CA and cross into Mexico.
Ride Mexico 3 through the Valle Guadalupe wine country to Ensenada.
Have some fish tacos at my favorite place.
Do the tourist thing/souvenir shopping if he wants to.
Head back to TJ on the Mexico 1 (very) scenic toll road.
Snake through the border traffic in record time.
High five each other as we head back home.

Stand by for photos and a ride report. And my Spot tracker map is there on my site.