Saturday, August 17, 2013

KLR on the Anderson Truck Trail (and the dreaded Wall of Bofus).

This is a short ride report about how things can go wrong, and fast.

Go easy on me, folks...

I took the Big Girl out for a little exploring today. I "meant" to stay mostly on road or hard pack and take the Viejas Grade and Pine Creek Trail....but I got sidetracked and that didn't happen.

I started riding on the Anderson Truck Trail east of San Diego. It looked great at first. Wonderful views of El Capitan Reservoir. As many of you know--and if you don't, I'm here to tell you--the road quickly goes from passenger car to 4-wheel drive to mountain bike to a walking trail. Then it just peters out to a deer path. With some impressive drop-offs (sheer cliffs, really).

Did I mention the nice views of El Cap?

Fast forward 2 hours later:

(I called a fellow rider who knows the area.)

Me: Hey, Bob, it's Dan. Riding today?

Him: Nah. Doing the work thing.

Me: Oh, OK. Hey, got a second to chat?

Him: Uh, sure. What's up?

Me: Hey, let's say a rider gets to the bottom of the Anderson Truck Trail and meets up with the dreaded Wall of BOFUS. What are his options?

Him: Oh, boy.

Me: Yeah...

Him: There's a hill about 100 yards back that goes around. It's tricky, though.

Me: Yeah, I tried that. I'm on my ass as we speak. The KLR's tires are pointing upwards.

Him: Yeah, that'll happen. Well, get on the gas. Get a running start and hit it hard.

Me: OK, thanks.

(15minutes later)

Him: Just calling to make sure you made it out OK.

Me: Nope, second try. On my ass again; the KLR is, too. Gonna take a break and consider my options. It's friggin' really hot right now.

Him: You could turn around and ride back up.

Me: Yeah, I'm not feeling that. I'll give the hill another try.

Him (and I quote): It's all about commitment... or heat stroke.

OK, time to get out of here before I end up like the last guy who died right in this spot in 2011. A quick but heartfelt prayer and off I went.

Long story short, 3rd time was a charm.

I tore up my brand new Ortlieb saddlebags. And my Wolfman tank bags. Let's see....tore off the left footpeg and left a turn signal on the trail. Added some beauty marks to the bike.

I tell ya, solo riding ain't always what's it's cracked up to be.

Lessons learned: None. I'm a knucklehead in every sense of the word.

I'm going back, though. And this time it's personal.

I'm coming for you, BOFUS!

In retrospect: I'm sore as heck from picking up that Big Pig "a few" times. Looking back, I wish I'd taken more photos of the bike on it's side and bars/wheels up, as well as the hill I finally conquered to get out of that situation. I was too hot and feeling exhausted at the time and didn't have the energy to even snap a photo. I'm just glad I was able to take a photo of the Wall of Bofus before I went wheels up!

(Feel free to research the Anderson Truck Trail or the Wall of Bofus for more info on a very devious ride.)


  1. The KLR is the perfect scoot for this type of... "adventure." I miss mine. Regrets that your day was a bruiser. You write a good tale, however.

  2. You got your KLR over/around that? I am in awe.

  3. Mr. B: You got that right! This KLR hasn't let me down yet, but sometimes it's like riding a horse that hates you...

    Brian: I had to ride "around" the WoB...and it wasn't easy. I was on my arse twice. The bike spit gas and coolant at me as it laid on its side. I busted a footpeg off one side and added some scratches but I made it out on the 3rd attempt. In retrospect, it was all part of the adventure. Wasn't fun at the time, though! Dan