Friday, May 9, 2014

PanAm Trip: Living Vicariously Through Two Cool Dudes

So, these two yahoos show up at my brother's house two months ago en route to "Central or South America." They called me for advice on border crossing; we spoke for a while and I sent them, "How to cross every border between Canada and Chile."

They had a beat up van, some surfboards and, most importantly, the beautiful and indispensible naiveté of youth. And off they went.

I started corresponding with them via email but I only received one response: "We're somewhere south of Oaxaca and, man, we're having a friggin' blast!"

So this morning I received the following message and I thought you all would enjoy it. The video is priceless...


(Music by Manu Chao, Warren Zevon and Stick Figure.)

Good morning!

I hope this email finds everybody well. I want to update everybody as to how the trip down south is going. Right now we are in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It's world class surfing out here and the water is 70 deg and clear. It's been two months since we've left Tucson and I've hardly sent anything to anybody, sorry about that. Internet has been pretty shoddy since we've crossed into Mexico but it's also because we both want to make the most out of this trip and step away from our 21st century duties, sort of disconnect a bit. We initially told everyone (really, a lot of people) about setting up a website ( where we would post videos, pictures, and updates for the trip. After two months, we posted one picture. I now feel that maintaining a website while on the road would detract from the experience of the trip, and as most of you all know I'm pretty tech-tarded so it's a lose lose. So, instead we will try to seek a balance of keeping you guys informed and not filing a lost persons report while I still preserve sanity with my Macbook. We will try to send out an email update every week or so, maybe a few sentences about progress (or regress), a dissertation about the meaning of life, or a report of my inner workings depending on what foods I'm ingesting that have or have not been properly prepared.

We brought a GoPro with us to give you guys a point-of-view perspective of the trip. Unfortunately, I left the charge/transfer cable on my mom's kitchen counter, so there is no footage of Baja or Northern Mexico. You didn't miss much anyway, we were mostly driving. We finally have a video up (still, there's a lot of driving) so let us know what you think. We will continue to kick out videos as we go along on the trip. They will be posted to my YouTube channel and not to the website. If you do want to get this 'so-called' weekly email as well, please reply so I can create a mailing list.

We miss being home and seeing everybody.

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  1. Cool video. Ahh to be young and free to travel and see the world. Sigh.