Sunday, April 17, 2016

East County San Diego day ride to the Wisteria Candy Cottage

Two of our friends just bought bikes--he bought a big Ultra Classic and she bought a very cute Sportster. Last week we were planning a ride. Since none of us had been there, we decided to ride to the Wisteria Candy Cottage out on Highway 94, about 65 miles east of San Diego. We also planned to stop for lunch at a new BBQ joint in Jacumba Hot Springs.

Todays weather was perfect: 79 with a breeze. We met at Starbucks for some caffeine and left at 10am with Theresa leading on her blinged-out pink Sporty. And I must say, my wife was looking Ultra Cute in her riding boots and new gloves.

Even though a few sport bikes passed us early on, there was hardly any car or bike traffic at all. We rode leisurely along the old 2-lane highway, paralleling the Mexican border fence, just enjoying a perfect day.

We arrived to the candy store at 11:30 and each selected a 1/2 pound of goodies. Peanut brittle, turtles, black licorice, salted caramel, toasted coconut bites, giant malted milk balls, etc. OK, maybe we got more than a 1/2 lb each!

We spoke with some other motorcycle enthusiasts there who'd ridden in from Yuma. They said the winds on I-8 were brutal. We'd been feeling some wind, as well, but nothing too crazy.

We left for the BBQ place a few miles down the road only to discover it was closed on Sunday. Dang! No worries, there was a place nearby. We stopped into the Jacumba Spa and Restaurant where we all found something agreeable.

While there I ran into my friend, Ken (The Kug) who was bicycle camping.

We decided to take a different route home and skip the interstate and Old Highway 80 was a perfect choice. We kept the throttle at about 50 the entire way just soaking in the sights and smells of pine, sage, new-cut grass and wildflowers.

In just about an hour we'd ridden on Japatul Valley Road through Pine Valley, Guatay and Alpine. Al and Theresa split off toward their home and we motored the last few miles on the I-8. Our 135-mile ride took about 5 hours.

What a great time riding San Diego's east county.


  1. Will ride for candy - I'll have to remember that!

    1. I absolutely will! True story: A grungy biker rolled up to the candy shoppe while we were there. Said he always stops by to get goodies on his way from Yuma to El Cajon (that's where a certain OMG is based). I suppose even outlaw bikers need their sweets.