Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My first motorcycle friend (ADV post)

Just saw this on ADV and it really hit home.

I'm certain some of us can relate to the post.



I first met Robert at a small hotel in a ski resort. I had just graduated college and he was a concierge and I was a front desk employee. Even though he was 35 years older than me he was a cool dude. He had funny stories to tell and he rode a 1985 BMW GS. Robert got me into motorcycles.

One of my first rallies was Sipapu in New Mexico. We sat around the campfire drank his whiskey and just BS'ed.

Robert liked to travel. He had the adventure spirit.

To me Robert was a badass. Robert was a great travel partner. Yeah being older he was stuck in old ways and a bit stubborn as well but he always had a tale to tell or a song to sing around the campfire. Robert was a like an uncle I never had.

Sometimes we dreamed big. We dreamed of cross country trips together.

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