Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A hillbilly interlude: CA, OR & WA on street bikes (July 2016)

My usual partner, Dan, and I were recently planning ride possibilities over hot wings and beers.

Yes, we wanted to do the New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (NMBDR) but we 1. Didn't have the time required to do it right and 2. Didn't want to ride in extreme heat. Yeah, we may be getting old.

"What about Oregon?" he asked.

"What about it?" I responded.

We both agreed that a ride in the Pacific Northwest and down the coast would be enjoyable.

And so it began...

Dan was tasked with putting together the California portion, and he has some great ideas. My only job was to find somewhere cool to ride in Oregon and Washington. I chose Whidby Island, the Columbia Gorge and Eastern Oregon via the 395 or 97.

There will be a "brief" hillbilly interlude....not extensive banjo I stop to see friends outside of Dallas. I always have a good time with those guys who were born 200 years too late. Shouldn't be too wild and/or wooly, but there will be goats and beer and ammo, oh my. We plan to toss our tents out at his place when we pass through and enjoy some interesting times.

I'm not sure you'll believe the photos I's a different world up there, to be sure. I may or may not be kidding when I say that he's one of the guys who found DB Cooper's stuff...

So, to summarize our ride plan thus far: We have no real destination except for Whidby Island in Washington. We also plan to explore the California and Oregon coasts, as well as some of Eastern Oregon/Washington and the Columbia Gorge.

That's it. Ideas?

Troubadour and Trobairitz?


  1. Hey, if you are talking Dallas, Oregon we are only about 40 miles south of there in Corvallis.

    Highway 97 is pretty straight (boring) for the most part. The Columbia Gorge is pretty with all the waterfalls but I-84 is boring and really windy.

    You could hit up Aufderheide, McKenzie Pass by the Dee Wright Observatory, Alsea Falls, Highway 34 from Philomath to Waldport on the coast.

    Hubby will have some good ideas as well. I'll check with him. These links will give you a few ideas.

    1. Wow, those two rides look great. I'm now poring over my OR map trying to get a nice route together.

      And, yes, Dallas, Oregon!

      Thanks for the links; much appreciated.

    2. Just beware if you take the Aufderheide it is better going from South to North, the west side of the road isn't as great of quality in road surface. On your bikes you might not mind. On the Gladius it was a bumpy ride heading south last fall.

  2. I second the above. If you can worm your way over to Bend on US 97, head west to Sisters on US 20 then take OR 242 over McKenzie Pass, you will not be disappointed. Also, if looking for a place to camp in that area, Camp Sherman, at the headwaters of the Metolius River is tough to beat. Nice little store there with a good selection of beer. Whatelse might one need?

  3. Most excellent. I'm seeing if I can tie in both routes while I'm there. And thanks for the campground suggestion.

  4. Also, if in southeastern WA and northeaster OR a trip on OR 3 to Enterprise will be memorable, especially if followed up by a drop into Hell's Canyon, further south. Good camping outside of Joseph at Wallowa Lake. (Might be a bit of a stretch for your planned itinerary as posted, however.) Looking forward to your excellent pictures!

    1. Near Joseph in the town of Enterprise is the Log House RV park - owned by motorcycle enthusiasts and I believe Team Oregon instructors (if they're still teaching) Very moto friendly and a great place to camp if riding Hells Canyon.

  5. Oh, and hubby suggested Highway 229 (Siletz Hwy) between just south of Lincoln City on Highway 101 south to Highway 20 at Toledo.

    And if you take Blaine Road at the Shell station out of Beaver on Highway 101 and head east it is a beautiful twisty bit of road (few miles of gravel) turns into National Forest Road 85, you'll end up on Highway 47 at Carleton or you can go south at one point on Bible Creek Road off of NF-85.

    From the town of Hebo on Highway 101 south on Highway 22 to where it intersects with Highway 18 is a lot of fun as well and not too far from Dallas. Good in either direction.

  6. Excellent, Trobairitz! I'm plugging this all into my map and planning to do as much of it as possible. Good stuff.