Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hot, hot, hot San Diego Asphalt Ride: August 2017

I ride with a group called San Diego Adventure Riders (SDAR), a group of guys and gals that enjoys everything this fine city has to offer. Though we focus on off-road and ADV riding, most of us own several types of bikes. I recently met a new rider who mentioned he hadn't been on a street ride since moving here. What?!?! So we put aside this Saturday as a time to do that. I asked a few others if they'd like to come along and an eclectic crew responded. I am fortunate to have a wide variety of friends...many don't know each other, so this was an interesting way to get everyone together.

We had some very cool people show up in La Mesa yesterday morning, all sorts of bikes and riders. The new San Diego resident (Dave) on his V Strom, me on my fat Triumph and others on a GS, a Vulcan, a Harley bigger, a very fast Connie and a faster CBR650F (140 on The S1 vs 142 on the S2) and several others were there on their ADV bikes, which was very cool to see. A true San Diego Asphalt Riders get together!

Two other riders on a Duc and KLR were waiting for us @ the Sunrise Highway entrance (S1). We then stopped at the Kwaaymii Point hang glider overlook and memorial for a quick break. I always enjoy those spectacular desert views from way up high.

When we joined up with the last rider in Julian, we were at 16 people on 14 bikes. Now usually, that would be a cluster screw, but not with this group. Half took off and hit the twisties on the Banner Grade at an impressive--yet legal--speed. The rest of us just cruised it down to the intersection of the 78 and S-2. A quick headcount and we were off across the desert to Ocotillo (I'm told it was 107 degrees midway).

Another quick stop at the Chevron at the I-8 where everyone was smiling, even in the "dry" heat, then up the hill to the tiny town of Jacumba on the Mexican border. We tripled the dining population at Jay's Southern Cafe where we attacked the BBQ and iced tea. It was loud and fun in there. I really enjoyed hearing the mix of bike stories and laughs and gun talk and ride planning. And the cue was super tasty, too. How 'bout them ribs?!?!

There were no mechanical issues except for the guy with that big fat Rocket. Appears a battery terminal had come loose but Jimbo and Dave had that fixed in under 3 minutes. Which brings me to another issue: One of the SDAR guys we all know and love couldn't make the ride but said, "I have a truck and a trailer so let me know if there are any mechanical problems and I'll roll your way." How cool is that?

Some of us took the nice, slow Highway 94 back; the others hustled it back on the I-8. A wee longer than a "noonish" return I'd predicted but no one complained.

Just a fantastic group of people. I do hope everyone had a great time like I did, even in the heat.


  1. Always good to hear of a large group ride going well. But damn, that heat. I really hesitate riding in those temps. I am a weather weenie.

    1. Ha ha! Me, too. I'm really beginning to pick and choose my rides. But sometimes I just can't say no! #WeatherWeeniesUnite

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