Monday, December 25, 2017

Busted up in Baja: Christmas greetings in a cast

Haven’t been in the posting spirit lately. All my fault.

I took a small group to Baja for a weekend ride. Some I’d ridden with, some I hadn’t. Everything was going great until it wasn’t.

The route included a lot of dirt, off-road, backcountry stuff. I had a minor get-off on Day 2, just 25 miles or so from Valle de la Trinidad and felt something pop. I put some ice on it then road 160 miles home.

Later that evening, the fine folks at urgent care let me know I’d broken my tibia right below the knee.

This comes at a bad time and I’ve really knackered up some plans...

I’m recuperating as I consider my options.

Ride safe!


  1. Just an easy 160 mile ride home, with a broken tibia... ouch. And not just a cast, looks like surgery too.
    Hope you heal fast and you are feeling better soon.

  2. Oy, you picked up some serious looking hardware on that one. I'm sending good vibes your way for a quicker than expected mend. ;-)

  3. Nothing a little beer and tequila won't fix, right? Ouch. Hope you heal quick. Does this hamper the moving plans?

    1. I’m doing my best to take this in stride. We are still on schedule to’s just that my sweet wife is doing 98% of the work now.

      Escrow closes in a couple days, movers arrive shortly after and we hit the road the next day. I’ll be a passenger for 3k miles.

      And as much as I’d love a beer and/ or tequila, the pains meds I’m on just wont allow for it.