Friday, November 23, 2018

Stahlratte sails from Panama to Colombia...without me

Thanksgiving Day. Bit of a sad day. Yeah, I’m surrounded byfamily, enjoying some great food, watching the Macy’s parade.  But there’s someplace I’d rather be.

You see, today is the year’s final sailing from Panama to Colombia on the Stahlratte. And I was supposed to be on board. Ah, well...

As many of you might recall, I retired, moved far away and was looking forward to a motorcycle adventure to Ushuaia, at the tip of South America. And all was going according to plan...when I busted myself up in Baja. The doctors asked me to give it a year before trying anything crazy.  That pretty much scuttled any plans I had for a 4-6 month ride around Latin America.

So as I said goodbye to family and packed up the leftovers, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of regret at not being on that boat. Ah, well...

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  1. Damn Baja for busting you up!! Happy New Year to you and that lovely wife of yours!