Saturday, January 2, 2021

Goodbye, sweet KLR 😥 (I sold my Eagle Mike Special Edition Gen 1 today)

Billy Shakespeare was correct when he said parting is such sweet sorrow. And it’s not even bittersweet, as there’s not much good about losing a beloved bike. I’ve owned it since September 2016, and without a doubt it was the absolute best KLR I’ve owned. It took me to so many cool places... 

Anyhow, I sold the Eagle Mike Special Edition Gen 1 KLR today.  The young man who bought it flew down from Georgia last night and picked up the KLR this morning.  He packed his stuff on the back and is now on the road....riding 500 mikes back home.  

I suppose the saving grace in this whole transaction is that the bike went to a guy who can truly appreciate it.  He researched it and chose it among several others he was considering buying.  And that makes me feel good.

I can’t wait to hear of the adventures the new owner will have on this great bike   

Goodbye, sweet KLR...😥

As a follow-up, I received this photo from a KLR site.  I couldn’t be more proud of the new owner! I’m happy this bike is being ridden like it deserves.  Bravo, sir!

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