Monday, January 10, 2022

That’s a lotta “IF’s” (Ushuaia again)

Ushuaia.  I’ve missed riding to the tip of South America twice now; maybe thrice. Various issues have hampered my attempts: A broken leg, a job, that pesky Chinese virus.  

But I still yearn to travel through Latin America by motorcycle.  And I ain’t getting any younger.  So what’s a guy in his mid-50’s to do? Well….

IF I have no employment responsibilities on July 1st, 2022 and IF my wife is OK with my extended absence and IF the borders in Central and South America are open and IF Covid isn’t expected to severely keep travelers from moving freely between countries and IF I can find a feasible way to traverse the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia and IF I have a riding partner who can travel with me for 4-6 months….well, I may attempt to head south for a few months and be in Ushuaia by New Years Eve.  

I told you there are a lot of IF’s…but nothing’s impossible, nothing that can’t be overcome.  

Roughly 10k miles through some extremely fascinating scenery.  Now, the planning…

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