Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ah, Alaska, you call to me like a mentally unstable lover...

What's next for me? If you're reading this, I haven't yet killed my Triumph Rocket III. Yet. Regardless, I have a BMW R1150GS and she's BEGGING to go for a little ride.

Hmmm, how about San Diego to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada, to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, Alaska and back to sunny SoCal? Yup, that sounds great.

Lemme see...MapQuest says such a ride would be less than 9,000 miles. I could do that in, oh, 2 1/2 weeks. (See a pattern here?) That'll be 3,600 miles to Inuvik via the infamous Stewart-Cassiar, Alaska and Dempster highways and 1,400 miles to Deadhorse (via Fairbanks and Coldfoot) on the Klondike and Top of the World Highways, as well as the Haul Road. Yahoo! Then it's quick hop back home (under 4,000 miles). Piece of cake!
So, when will this lil' bike ride take place? I'll shoot for 2012 (if the world doesn't end in May, as my Mayan friends claim) or 2013 to accomodate a friend who absolutely wants to ride this with me. We shall see.

I'll keep you in the loop...


  1. I just saw your comment on Chris blog, I too have been planning this for a long time but this year I'm doing it, my brother can't go this year but I'm going, not going to delay it any more. For me it's a little over 10K miles, I'm in NJ. I'm attending a Tenere gathering in Whitehorse from July 1st till the 4th, then on the 5th I'm heading up to Deadhorse.

  2. My helmet is off to you, George!

    I am envious, of course, and wish you well.

    How is the planning going? How many miles a day, important (scheduled) stops, type of bike, etc.? Camping, hotels, a combination?

    Let us know how your ride progresses.

    1. I will be planning for between 450 to 500 miles a day but will do much more the first 2 or 3 days on the way out. I will be using my Yamaha Super Tenere and will be a combination of camping and motels.