Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riding in the rain: The Rule of One Action.

Here's a great tip for riding in wet weather that I just found. It's called, "The Rule of One Action" and it's very handy for "all-weather" riders.

I know that you are a very complicated person, but in the rain, you need to be a very simple person. Specifically, in the rain, you should think about your tires and what I call the rule of "One Action." What do I mean by "One Action?"

In normal conditions, we put our tires through many different stresses (or actions):

• We accelerate while turning. (two actions)
• We downshift while coming into a turn. (two actions)
• Shifting weight while turning and accelerating (three actions)
• Etc.

In the rain, you should focus on only putting your tires through one action at a time.

In other words, accelerate (one action) after you make a turn (one action). Downshift (one action) before you start to turn (one action). Don't combine actions on your tires together in the rain. Less tension on your tires in the rain is going to result in better traction.

I'm sure there are more great tips out there for riding motorcycles in the rain, this is an important one to remember when riding when it's wet out.

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