Thursday, October 10, 2013

My pal Ted: 1,500 miles, 24 hours, 74 years old...


My friend Ted—74 years young—is on his way to see his new great-grandson in Kansas. He decided to ride his motorcycle—a 2007 Honda ST1300—and do an IBA Bun Burner Gold, defined by the Iron Butt Association as 1,500 miles in under 24 hours.

Ted, who lives just up the street, has ridden with me on quite a few rides. The first whopper was the USA 4 Corners Tour…a little 10,000 mile ride in under 21 days. I warned him when we first started to, “Not try to keep up with me” as I was a pro long distance rider. He laughed and said, “Right back at you, brother!” And he was right. He completed his first IBA Saddle Sore ride with me, from San Diego to Salem, Oregon, like it was second nature.

A little while later, he and I ran up to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah for some epic riding on a 3-day, 1,200 mile rode…just for fun.

I loaned him my SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger so his friends and family could track his progress on this ride. The link is here and below:

Ted is off to a great start! He departed San Diego yesterday at 6pm and reached his first stop of Gila Bend, AZ by 10pm.

He was in Pecos, TX this morning at 6:30--a 940 mile ride in a little over 12 hours. That's better than a 75 MPH average. That's an Iron Butt ride!

Ibuprofen: One of the long distance rider's 4 food groups.

He rode from San Diego to Moore, OK in under 22 hours, arriving sore but happy. After a brief rest and some ibuprofen, he rode the rest of the way to Richmond, Kansas.

Inspiring, to say the least.

Enjoy as we ride along with Ted.

I have a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. Find me now.

Here is the link to follow Ted on his IBA Bun Burner Gold ride: TED

Here's Ted's input:

That was me under 22 hours, I guess I picked the right route. I started at the Chevron station on 1st Ave. in San Diego.

With a little rain though the mountains, then the weather was great all the way to Moore OK.

The 1st stop was Gila Bend, AZ (286 miles); Lordsburg,NM (280 miles); Van Horn, TX (283 miles). At this point I was over half way in 12.5 hours.

Next stop Roscoe, TX (244 miles) where I ate my peanut butter sandwich with Red Bull drink and then 244 miles to Sanger, TX. Got gas & went 145 miles to Moore, OK, where I finsihed.

That Russel day long seat is worth every penny!


  1. My butt hurts just reading about all those hours in the saddle. At that rate he must have been on the Interstates most of the way.

  2. Ha! You're right. He took some ibuprofen, got some rest and is finsihing the ride to Kansas right now.

    For the record, his ST1300 is an uber-comfortable bike...made for long stretches of boring highway.

    You can view his progress--including the highways he took--on the SPOT map.