Thursday, September 19, 2013

New addition to the stable: 2006 KLR650 (keep it or sell it?)

UPDATE (10/5/2013): I listed it for sale locally and it sold within 20 minutes! Maybe I didn't ask enough? Regardless, a local Marine nabbed himself a great deal on this great running/looking bike. He plans to use it as a commuter.

Well, that was fun. So, on to my next project...

OK, it's done. Because it's a strong Baja bike, I give you....MexCalibur!

YouTube video here:

And some photos of the finished product:

It'll likely go up for sale this weekend...there's already local interest.

Fun project!

I found this bike on craigslist locally and let all of my fellow riders know about it in hopes that someone could get a deal. Likely, you all have as many bikes as I do!

Anyhow, I went ahead and bought it last night as a possible second bike or quick turnaround investment. I got a great deal, though it looks rough at 37K miles. And it has way too many farkles. Started it up and it runs like a champ. The seller is a bike mechanic and this was his dad's bike. *

The plastics parts (fenders, cowling) are faded (I may bed-liner spray them) but has a lot of aftermarket goodies. The motor looks new (sans a light oil coating). It has a clean (not salvage) title and is currently registered.

Among the goodies included:

•Upgraded 320mm front brake.
•Corbin (possibly) seat.
•Upgraded front and rear susepension (appears to be Progressive).
•Fork brace.
•Bar risers.
•K&N air filter.
•Russell Stainless brake lines.
•Formotion timer.
•Highway pegs.
•Touring windscreen.
•IMS wide footpegs.
•Touring windscreen.
•Tail light "back off" flasher.
•Jardine exhaust.

But it has some issues:

•Short in the radiator wiring. Owner claims it stays on all the time. Seller told me is has a "loose radiator fan wire."
•Fork oil all over the place.
•Front tire cupped and about dead.
•No battery installed.
•Some oil on motor but seller claims it doesn't leak at all.
•It's dropped (both sides); nothing too bad.
•Faded plastics.

So, I have over a month to get this thing in tip top shape before I decide to keep it as a spare (I'd really like to) or sell it. Ideas? It's a blank slate right now.

I put a new Odyssey battery in it and it runs fine. A quick wipe-down made it look much better. I can see the potential...

I plan to paint it a cool color (tan/green/quasi-military/camo?).

* The green and tan version is an idea I have now...

I have been having a good time riding and working on this bike the past 3 days. Mechanically it's fine. Cosmetically? Not so much. No worries...I have plans...

Today I:

Pressure washed it to remove road grime.
Removed the plastics and scubbed them down for painting.
Replaced existing seat (a fake Corbin?) with an extra Gen 1 saddle I had.
Installed some new grips (the existing set were worn and sticky).
Swapped old front tire with new Shinko 244.
Cleaned the (K&N) air filter.
Changed oil and filter.

Then I took it for a spin around the neighborhood.

I may not sell this bike! (To my wife's chagrin...)

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  1. I don't know what you have in it but I would keep it if I could. The tire, battery and fork seals are just normal wear items. The leak and fan shouldn't be too expensive or labor intensive. Good looking bike after you hid the pink plastic.