Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eagle Mike KLR Tech Day: San Diego, 11/16/13

Eagle Mike is a legend in the KLR community. He is credited with identifying and correcting a major flaw in the Kawasaki KLR motor. In short, he addressed the balancer lever or "doohickey" problem by making a newer, better version and showing KLR riders how to install it.

As well, he's developed several products to make the KLR experience that much more enjoyable. All sorts of custom-milled goodies to ensure your KLR is properly farkled.

For years he's hosted tech days at his shop in downtown San Diego, Julian and his new location in El Cajon (380 Vernon). Yesterday I attended my second tech day...and actually did more than just shoot the breeze with my KLR brothers -- I checked and adjusted the valves on my trusty 2011. In addition to reshimming them (at the 5,200-mile mark), I helped out on some other projects -- at least two doo-jobs and a ThermoBob.

The group of guys at the tech day were all very cool--totally typical KLR riders.

Mike is just fantastic and we appreciate him hosting these tech days.

I wish I could remember everyone's names, but here are some of them:

The Watt-Man himself! You, sir, are truly world class.
Carl the bike mag writer. (Be gentle if this makes it to RoadRunner!)
Ron, JD an Sal the crazy Riverside crew. They brought a new meaning to "shims" and it has nothing to do with valve clearances.
Charlie (Mach1Charlie). Big thanks for your help with my valves.
Sam Ko (another bike legend) and brother of Mike.
Ken (Tube Bender).
Brandon (ManiacSux).
Shane Barton.

And a couple others whose names escape me right memory is mush after 7 1/2 hours.

I can't say enough about the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable folks.

If you own a KLR and are within 250 miles, you've gotta plan to be at one of the next tech days!

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  1. Cool stuff. I always wondered what mike looked like and it turns out totally not what I had imagined. I hosted a few tech days over here in chicago. I think my record is 6 doo's in 8 hours.