Friday, July 29, 2022

(Another) Down Day in Valdez

Well, I messed this one up.  We went to check into tonight’s ferry ride to Whittier…and were promptly informed that the next sailing is tomorrow morning.  Doh!!

We did laundry, re-checked into a local hotel, re-washed these bikes (I seriously doubt they’ll ever look clean again) and went over to the Salmon Creek Hatchery to watch the salmon, birds and sea lions fighting for dinner…or their lives, depending.    There are often bears there feeding on the millions of Coho and Pink salmon, but none were there today. 

Earlier in the day we’d met fellow travelers, Travis and Ashley from Minnesota. Well, we met up again at a local brewery and had a great time swapping stories   They’re a very fun couple   

Hey, if you’ve gotta be stuck in a town for two days, Valdez isn’t too bad a place to be.

Let’s hope we get on the ferry early tomorrow as we’re on the standby list…


  1. Just a good as any other day up there eh? Food, shelter, and clothing. Feeling like inmates yet or the Hotel California? "You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave......"

    1. Exactly! But it’s all part of the adventure.