Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Chena Hot Springs to Fairbanks to Cantwell

 Denali! McKinley! Whatever you call it, it’s stunning.  

We left the hot springs refreshed and ready to ride.  The weather was nice and the ride was easy.  We arrived to Fairbanks within an hour and grabbed some chow.  Then WalMart for supplies and a stop to a car wash to spray down the bikes.  The Dawson mud —infused with calcium chloride—just refuses to come off.

We then headed south to the tiny town of Cantwell where the unpaved Denali Highway starts, running 135 miles east to Paxson.  En route, we rode through some truly spectacular mountains, with Denali always to our right. Beautiful snow-covered monsters   

We found a campsite right on the Denali Highway and set up the tents.  Steve had yet another bolt on his Africa Twin come loose and we quickly McGuyvered it. Boom! Fixed. 

We met several other riders in the camp and one of them rode with us to a nearby lodge for dinner…Taco Tuesday of all things.  Afterward, we sat around a campfire until almost 1am…it was still pretty light out.  

All in all, a really good day.  


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to add larger bolts to the spare parts bag. Glad you're keeping rested up now, and we want to know about that Susitna River Bridge. Looks like an amazing route on Google Earth. Found some train tours up there, might be the only way I would get Melanie up there.

  2. Is anyone gonna ask why you're standing on a table and Steve has his hands around your waist....? Was it beer-thirty??