Saturday, July 23, 2022

Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay! Arctic Circle, Coldfoot & Deadhorse

It was a hard slog yesterday.  It started to rain outside of Coldfoot.  Temps stayed in the 40's the entire time.  Mud, mud, mud.  

We arrived before 10pm and gassed up ($8+ a gallon is very fair).  Rooms in a dorm were $215 so we tented outside of town.  We were warned there were bears about.  Saw a nice fox and some elk.  No bears yet.  

It’s chilly and still raining.  Will try to rustle up some breakfast and get going by noon.  

The plan was to ride to the Arctic Circle. Then, right at the Dalton Highway sign, Steve says, “I’m feeling it.”

No way! OK.  We’re doing it.  

So we are in Coldfoot, 240 miles from the Arctic Ocean, enjoying the ride.  

More to follow.  



  1. Great decision!!!

    1. What can I say....I'm an idiot. Steve

  2. right on, Steve!! best plans are sometimes unplanned!