Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Whitehorse to Dawson City

We woke to a brisk 46 degree morning.  I didn’t want to get out of the tent. The other bike campers were already leaving so I crawled out and made coffee on my JetBoil stove.  

We were packed up and on the road by 9am, riding into Whitehorse for breakfast and currency exchange.  We were told by Marty that A&W had a good breakfast and he was right.  I then exchanged some US cash for Canadian $$, pleasantly surprised to get $1.24 of theirs for $1 of ours.  

We rode 351 miles today, only seeing a lone coyote along the road.  We met up with a group of 5 Mexican riders at a gas station and they were really moving! 

Today’s ride consisted of long stretches of scenic highway, broken up by a half dozen construction zones.  Each required a stop and a wait then a pilot truck would lead us through the heavy equipment areas.  Some of these zones were only a kilometer or two of dirt or gravel roads; others were 20 KM of dirt, rock, gravel and mud.  I suppose that’s why we brought these bikes, because they did great on those surfaces.  

We rolled into Dawson City at 5:30 and selected a campsite at a place I stayed in 2014.  It really hadn’t changed much at all…except for the prices.  

We set up tents, showered and visited with our fellow campers and motorcycle riders.  We’ll be staying here two nights to relax, see the sights and get some laundry done.  

While the sky looks gray and we may get rain, it’s currently a comfortable 72 degrees.  We’re walking into town to grab some chow and a drink and see what’s up.  

Ciao for now.  

(The wifi is non-existent and the cell service sucks so we’ll have to post photos later.)


  1. Take that day off and rest up. Enjoy the sites, and enjoy the ride.