Sunday, July 10, 2022

Whipped by the Wind, Iron Butt days

The last two days, most of which was spent on the I-90 West, have been not as fun as I would’ve liked.  The wind—mostly from the front and side—has been tough to ride in.  We were are our way from somewhere to somewhere else so we just powered through. We made good time at 80+ MPH, but it ain’t easy.  And our MPGs are showing it, too.  Steve is getting between 32-40 and I’m getting about 30.  Just brutal.  

We left Atlantic, Iowa via the I-90 yesterday morning and ended up in Murdo, South Dakota, a respectable 435 miles for the day.  We found a truly remarkable country inn, the Landmark Hotel. We got off the bikes and jumped into the pool.  What a great way to end the day.  

Today we departed after breakfast and planned to make it a long day.  To make better time we went by Wall Drug, skipped Sturgis and bypassed the Badlands.  

We did detour over to Mount Rushmore, though, and it looked spectacular.  We didn’t go into the park, but saw some great views right before and right after the entrance. And I’d never seen that profile view.  

Leaving Rushmore, we were soon in Wyoming. We hustled along the I-90–the wind not as bad as yesterday—until Billings, then took a small country  road north.  

In the small town of Ryegate, Montana, we stopped into a roadside bar and grill to take a break and get a bite to eat. The cast of characters were a fun group of locals who were as interested in us as we were in them.  Good food, great conversation.  

We left there and found a small hotel in the town of Harlowton just 30 minutes away.  We were a bit tired but pleased with the mileage: 624 miles.  Steve is becoming quite the Iron Butt rider.  

Sadly, or maybe fortunately, we learned from the locals that the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Nat’l Park is closed—snowed in.  And we were really looking forward to riding it tomorrow.  On a related side note, this is the latest in the year that the road has ever been closed.  We amended our ride plan to get to Kalispell via a different road instead.   

More to follow.  Enjoy the photos. 



  1. Glad you got out of the rain, keep the updates coming please.

  2. Love these photos! You both look great.