Friday, July 15, 2022

We arrive at the start of the ALCAN Highway

Yes, purists will correct me and remind me that, “The Alaska Highway” is its proper name.  OK, fine.  Who was almost mauled my grizzlies today, you or me? That’s what I thought, so cut me some slack.  

Anyhow, we left our campsite at the Whitehorse Creek Provincial Park and rode a bit over 320 miles to the start of the Alaska Highway (happy now?) in Dawson Creek, Canada.  

We met some more fun people and put on some miles, but it wasn’t too exciting of a day…except for the near bear mauling.  Just miles of highway and pretty scenery.  

The bikes are doing great, our butts are sore and our spirits are high. Looking forward to the next few days.  

Ciao for now! (That’s pretty much all the French I’ve learned from the gas pumps.)


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