Saturday, July 16, 2022

The road to Fort Nelson, Road friends

Today was uneventful, riding 280 miles from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson. 

Steve saw one bear and some other animals but it was really just putting on the miles. Temperatures stayed in the 50’s and 60’s most of the day.  We ran into a little rain—sprinkles, really—but nothing that slowed us down.  

A cool part of these rides is interacting with other riders.  We’ve been running into others who are going to the same places we are.  We stop and talk at the gas stations and rest stops and restaurants along the way, comparing bikes and routes and discussing must-see places. 

Prices for everything—food, campsites, hotels, gas—are pretty crazy…but we knew that when we were planning this ride. I paid $10 a gallon for gas today…but it was 94 octane and I just couldn’t resist.  

Tomorrow we’re heading to Liard Hot Springs; not a very long ride, less than 200 miles. 

All going well.  

Local spirits.  



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  2. Reading the reviews of the Hotel/Motel, hope ya got a good room. Fort Nelson looks like a good stopping point from Google Earth, Still jealous.

    1. We did not. As a matter of fact, most the rooms have sucked. Will explain why later but you can likely guess.

  3. I am checking your progress regularly. Keep Ridin' boys!! Soak it all in.

  4. Sunday Morning, I see you at Petro-Canada heading out. Have a GREAT day and enjoy the ride.