Friday, July 8, 2022

Rhythm of the Ride

I spent the night with my cousin and her better half in Fulton, MO last night.  A wonderful evening with BBQ and family.  My other cousin drove down with his wife and son.  

Speaking with my cousin’s BF, he provided a better route to stay away from the interstate.  I took that instead and it turned out to be great! Glad I had some local area knowledge.  

Steve and I met up in Atlantic, Iowa today.  We’d both ridden 340 miles.  His bike looks great.

After unpacking our gear, we rode into town and had some BBQ and beer.  After getting back to the room, the route planning commenced.  

We need to be in Kalispell, Montana by the 11th, and that’s about 1,300 from here.  Tomorrow’s plan is to ride toward Sturgis, about 600 miles away. We may not get there, but we’ll at least get close.  

We spent the afternoon prepping the gear and taking about the ride.  Good times.  

Now, many people say that Iowa is just endless cornfields.  But I’m here to tell you they’re correct.  

More to follow.  Some photos:

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